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Tuxedo Guide to Prom Season 2013!

Tuxedo Guide to Prom Season 2013!

Proms are wonderful things.  They are often a young man and woman’s first exposure to a formal evening.  They mark a rite of passage from youth to adulthood.  They’re fun, flexible, and they can generate the kind of good memories that will last a whole lifetime.  But for many, proms can also be a little difficult to navigate.

Proms are unique among other formal events in terms of protocol, so there are always a lot of questions surrounding them.   That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive Prom Guide.  This guide will provide guidance to any soon-to-be-tuxedo-clad-prom-bound wayfarers out there that could use a little help.

Frequently Asked Prom Questions:

Q1: What’s the difference between a prom tuxedo and a prom suit?

Prom Tuxedo or Prom Suit: What's the Difference?
A1:The primary physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin.  Typically tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers.  Suits don’t incorporate any satin and usually have either plastic buttons or buttons faced with the same fabric as the coat (aka self buttons.)

As for the difference between “Prom Tuxedos” and “Prom Suits”, as opposed to regular tuxedos and suits, the difference has to do with the message you send.

A prom marks the beginning of a young man’s journey into adulthood and all of the freedom, responsibility, risks, uncertainties, and opportunities that come along with it.  As such, his life lesson is rooted in taking care of himself and making his mark on the world, at the same time celebrating the boyhood he’s leaving behind.  He should be well groomed and dressed in a tuxedo, but one that reflects his personality and has some boyish flair.  That’s why prom’s are so flexible.  Everything from classic black tie to bright colors and contemporary styling are completely appropriate.


Q2: Do my accessories have to match my date’s prom dress?
Black Tie or Matching Accessories?
A2:There is usually only one right answer to this question.  The problem is, only one person knows that answer: your date.  But if she doesn’t have an opinion either way, here’s some fodder for your case, whichever way you’re leaning.

To Go Matching:
The current trend of matching your date’s prom dress is a fairly modern one and it serves as a way for a couple to look and feel like a matching set.   The sentiment is visually and emotionally appealing to most prom couples.  And it’s also a way for your date to claim you as hers.  And that’s not a bad thing.  But because of that, one thing you definitely want to avoid is going with a colorful vest/cummerbund and tie combo that is a different color from your date’s.  That could send the message that you’re with someone else, and that’s bad for obvious reasons.  So your best other option is to go Black Tie.

To Go Black Tie:
Traditionally speaking, men wear black and white formal wear for the aesthetic stark contrast, and so the women they are with can stand out in vibrant colors and receive the highest accolades and attention.  A black tie tuxedo is a way of looking great and masculine, but at the same time stepping out of the spotlight so that the girl you’re with can really shine.  Formal wear is all about accentuating your best features, and in this context, your best feature is her.  It’s actually really chivalrous.  Not to mention timeless.


Q3: Should I get her a corsage?
A3: Yes.  This isn’t really a tuxedo question, but we get it a lot, so for the record: Yes.  You should get your date a corsage.  Exceptions include steadfast knowledge that your date is allergic to every kind of flower and/or undeniable knowledge that your date hates corsages.  Unless these are the case, go ahead and get her a nice wrist corsage.  And be sure to specify a “wrist” corsage.  It will help you avoid any awkward moments as you try to pin the thing to her dress without stabbing your date.

Q4: Bow Tie or Long Tie?
Bow Tie or Long Tie?
A4: Again, this is subjective, based on your tastes.  But there’s some things you should weigh out here.

Long Ties:
These are often the favorite for Proms, since they feel formal but not too formal – much like a prom is a formal event, but not too formal.  A good thing about wearing a long tie is that many formal affairs you’ll attend in life will require a bow tie.  Prom is a good chance to mix that up a little.  The downside is that it makes your tuxedo look more like a suit.  Also, it bisects the white “V” that is made by the shirt when the coat is closed.  That “V” is important because it emphasizes broad shoulders and a narrow waist, for your most masculine look.

Bow Ties:
From a sartorial standpoint, these are always going to be your best look.  The bow tie preserves the white “V” and draws attention to your face, instead of your naval.  It’s also more traditional.  And you can still splash some fun into your outfit with basically ever color and pattern known to man.  We like them both, especially for proms, but if we had to pick either a bow or a long tie, we would opt for a bow tie.


Below we’ve selected a few of our favorite picks for prom season 2013.

Classic Prom Picks:

Midnight Blue 'Maxwell' Tuxedo by G. AlexanderBlack 'Jackson' Tuxedo by Ike BeharBlack 'Allure' Double Breasted Tuxedo by Calvin KleinWhite 'Gerard' Dinner Jacket by After Six





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Modern Prom Picks:

Heather Grey 'Allure Men' Tuxedo by Jean YvesBlack 'Allure Men' Tuxedo by Jean YvesSteel Grey 'Allure Men' Tuxedo by Jean YvesTan 'Allure Men' Tuxedo by Jean Yves





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Fashion Prom Picks:

Grey 'Swagger' Tuxedo by FLOWBlack Diamond 'Illusion' Tuxedo by Jean YvesChocolate 'Premier' Tuxedo by Jean YvesWhite 'Mystique' Tuxedo by Jean Yves





See More Fashion Prom Picks….

Novelty Prom Picks:

Orange Tuxedo by Bright Colored TuxedosLight Blue Tuxedo by Bright Colored TuxedosCamoflauge 'Alpne' Tuxedo by Bright Colored TuxedosRed 'Illusion' Tuxedo by Jean Yves






Prom Suit Picks:

Black 'Ceremonia' Suit by Jean YvesHeather Grey 'Twilight' Suit by Jean YvesSteel Grey 'Twilight' Suit by Jean YvesNavy 'Midnight' Suit by Jean Yves





See More Prom Suit Picks…

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in clearing up any uncertainty and narrowing down options for any indecisive prom-goers this year.  While the size and the style of tuxedo you get for your prom is important, don’t forget the most important thing.  Prom is supposed to be fun.  Whatever you do, and whatever you wear, make sure it adds to your evening and helps you make those long lasting memories that will make you smile years down the road.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Check out our Complete Listing of all our Prom Tuxedos and Prom Suits!
If you want to take it all in and decide for yourself, check out our Entire Catalog of Tuxedos and Suits!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Like what you see? Hate it?  Can’t keep quiet?  Well… don’t.  Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below and let your voice be heard!

About Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong is the resident staff writer for, the web’s premiere resource for mens rental formal wear styles, news & information, and local listings. He aims to provide the most up to date industry and style information available, while sharing the many venues and ways that mens formal wear presents itself every day. Michael would like to take this opportunity to wish joy to the world, to all the boys and girls now. He’d also like to extend joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, but especially, joy to you and me.

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  • Katy

    My prom date doesn’t want to wear a tuxedo he wants to wear a suit and no vest .. will he look ok? and how should I convince him to at least get a vest?

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Katy! Thanks for asking. Most proms expect gowns and tuxedos, but not all. Depending on the school, a suit may be perfectly acceptable. But it will come as no surprise that we think he’ll look better in a tuxedo. If he’s at all open to the idea, maybe this Yahoo Answer I wrote awhile back will help sway him.;_ylt=As.EMzbmJvzcBDsdAx5QuTnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120406193439AAlJqwm

      If he’s set on a suit, we definitely have some nice ones to choose from, so he’ll still look sharp. Just not quite as formal:

      As far as the vest goes, there are two points I’d like to make.

      1.) The point of the vest is to cover up the awkward bunching up of the shirt where it tucks into the trousers.
      2.) Also, a three piece suit is generally a very classy look. But he shouldn’t take my word for it.

      In the end, it’s a lot easier to get a vest and take it off than it is to not get a vest and put it on.

      I hope this helps! And don’t forget the most important thing. Have fun at prom!

  • phyllis

    My dress is black with some gold/silver beading. Is a black shirt with a cream vest and bow tie appropritate?

  • lost about fashion

    Are Navy Blue suits in style right now?

    • MArmstrong

      Navy is a very popular color right now in the formal wear world. The midnight blue tuxedo with black shawl lapel was made popular this year by the latest James Bond movie ‘SkyFall’ and has been worn by some of the top celebrities all awards season. But other navy tuxedos and suits have also become more popular recently as well.

      If you’re interested in a navy suit or tuxedo, you can view our selection which includes the ‘SkyFall’ look (in limited supply) and a great Navy Suit Here:

      Thanks for the question! Have a great time at prom!

  • Kevin

    Is this combination too informal for prom.? I definitely want to stick out but not look underdressed.

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Kevin,

      While different schools have different standards for prom, the over-arching impression is that proms are formal but flexible. While the rule is formal, there are always those that bend the rules and a few that outright break them – and all of that is part of the fun and atmosphere of proms. So, to answer your question, it’s too informal for prom.

      The outfit you’re looking at definitely falls under the category of “rule-bending”, which is where you want to be if you want to stick out. But out-of-the-box thinking always comes with a few things to watch out for. Here are my suggestions to make that look work really well:

      1.) In the picture it looks like he’s wearing a suit. I’d swap that out with a similar tuxedo. The only difference is the satin on the lapel, and it will dispel any worries of being under-dressed.

      2.) Make sure the fit is right. If the fit works, you’ll come away looking fun and edgy. If it doesn’t, you’ll look like you ordered the wrong color shirt.

      3.) Make sure your date approves. Seeing each other will be the start of your evening, and it’s always good to kick off with a good start.

      As a rule of thumb, proms are supposed to be fun. If this outfit will add to that fun, I say go for it. If not, play around with your options until you find something that will.

      Thanks and Have fun!

  • prom_girl

    Should I go with my date when he rents his tux? Or is he fine on his own? He’s going with his sister and he was asking if I wanted to come along haha.

    Someone please respond back ASAP!

    • MArmstrong

      Hi Prom_Girl,

      If I were you, I’d probably go. Especially if you already have an idea how you’d like the two of you to look at prom. There isn’t, that I’m aware of, any tradition against the girl seeing the guy’s tux before hand. Going with him will just mean that you’ll have some say in what he picks out. And while I don’t know him or you, it’s entirely possible that he’s apprehensive about getting the wrong thing, and going with him will take some of that pressure off him too.

      Whatever you decide to do, make sure to have a fun time at prom!

  • Black N Bianco

    great tips.

    • MArmstrong


  • Al

    So my date has a grey colored dress, and I was wondering if I should go with a navy, light grey, or a black suit. Haven’t decided on shirt, tie or bow tie colors yet – so that kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

  • tsc820

    My date is wearing a nude colored dress, what colored tux should i be wearing?

  • Anonymous

    My date is wearing a white dress and has red accessories and shoes, I was wondering if I should go with a black tuxedo and ivory vest and bow tie or a black tuxedo with an ivory vest and red bow tie? I’m very confused on how to match

  • LS

    my date has a coral colored dress, and i go a dark tuxedo and dark grey pants, but haven’t decided on tie or bow tie colors yet. could you help me please ?

    • MArmstrong

      Gladly LS!

      Firstly, good job so far. If she’s wearing a pastel dress like Coral, a dark grey tuxedo is an excellent option. It’s actually a standard for morning dress (daytime formal wear more prevalent in the UK) that pastels be paired with grey coats and trousers. And even though proms are evening events, the look is solid.

      Now, on to the accessories. If you are wearing a tuxedo, I’d opt for a bow tie. Long ties are better paired with suits. As for the color of that bow tie, you have some options. If you want to match your date, the obvious answer is try a coral bow tie.

      You can see some options here:

      Another good option is to wear either a matching or corresponding grey bow tie. Standing alone, this is probably going to be your best look with a dark grey tuxedo. You won’t match her dress, but the coral/grey combo means you’ll still look great standing next to her.

      There are several good options here:

      Of course you could go with a different pastel color to correspond with her coral dress, but then you run the risk of matching another girl’s dress better, and that in some instances can be… problematic.

      I hope this helps! Thanks for the question. Have a great time at prom!

  • Max

    My date is wearing a mid Blue dress and i was thinking about wearing a suit with a more summer vibe like tan or seersucker, i want to match her as well, any thoughts? Most of the other guys are wearing black tuxes.

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Max!

      I generally recommend wearing a tuxedo to prom. But there are a lot of tuxedo options that aren’t black that will still give you the look it sounds like you’re going for. Based on your description, I’ve got a couple of suit and tuxedo recommendations for you . First off…

      Tan ‘Allure Men’ Tuxedo by Jean Yves:

      While this style is branded as a tuxedo, there is actually no satin on it, so technically it’s a suit. If you’re leaning away from a traditional tuxedo and want something summery, this is a great option. To match your date, you could go with tan accessories with a mid. blue pocket square, or you could go all out with a mid. blue vest and tie. (bow tie if you want to be extra classy.)

      But my favorite idea is this. If you really want to match your date’s blue dress, but still don’t want to blend in with the black tuxedo crowd, take a look at these…

      Midnight Blue Tuxedos & Suits:

      Even if these aren’t the same shade of blue, the fact that you two are both wearing blue will still make you look like a matched set. That also leaves you free to keep it classy with a black bow tie. And as the night gets later and less formal, you can loose the tie for a very cool summery look.

      These are just two ideas out of many possibilities, so feel free to play around with your options. When in doubt, get your date involved. Give her some say and you can’t go wrong. Whatever you wear, remember to have a great time at prom!

  • Jon

    Approximately how long before my prom should I go and rent my tux?

    • MArmstrong

      Hi Jon!

      The rule of thumb is that you should reserve your tuxedo as early as possible. Rental tuxedos all come on a first come first serve basis, so you’re much more likely to get the style you really want if you order early. Also, renting last minute can get expensive. If you want to avoid last minute charges, place your order at least 2 weeks in advance. More is preferable. Most shops refer to orders placed the same week they are being worn as ‘last minute orders.’

      That said, don’t let a last minute deadline deter you. Most shops CAN get you something last minutes if you need. It just costs more because they will probably have to order it from a wholesaler with expedited shipping. Your selection might be a little more limited too, but you can always find something nice.

      I hope this helps! Thanks for the question and have fun at prom!

  • DJ

    I’m wearing a royal blue dress and the thing is, my date only has one suit which is grey. So I was wondering what tie or shirt combinations would work well to match.

    I was thinking he could wear a white shirt and a royal blue tie and handkerchief. How’s that sound?

    • MArmstrong

      Hey DJ,

      That sounds like a great idea. If your date isn’t dead set against renting a tuxedo, he might try something similar with a classic black tuxedo. But if he’s wearing his grey suit, a white shirt and royal blue tie with pocket square will look great also.

      A medium to dark grey might look a little more natural with a rich royal blue, but even light grey suits are neutral enough that they can be nicely paired with a wide variety of colors. To be sure, try holding a royal blue swatch together with the suit in question to make sure it looks good.

      Listing of Royal Blue Ties:

      Another nice finishing touch to make sure you two look like a matching set: If he is getting you a corsage, see if you can get him a matching boutonniere.

      I hope this helps! I hope you and your date both have a great time at prom!

  • Rebekah

    Where can I find the dresses shown in the prom picks!?

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  • Airon

    My date wearing black dress, and my suit’s color is cream, what color of the sleeve and tie should I probably use? Could you help me please?

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Airon,

      The main problem with matching your date is obvious. She’s wearing a black dress. You’re wearing a cream suit. If she doesn’t have cream accents in her dress, you might look like you match someone else better. So you have two choices. The first is not to match your date at all. Just wear matching cream accessories for more of a complete matching suit look. The 2nd option, and probably your better option, is to match accessories. You probably don’t want to wear a black shirt with a cream suit, but you could wear a white shirt with a black tie. Depending on what kind of suit it is, you might even be able to get away with wearing black pants and a black bow tie, for a suave dinner jacket look, kind of like this:

      I hope this helps! Whatever you wear, have a great time wearing it!

  • Tyler Martin

    I’m taking my girlfriend on my fraternity formal as she is wearing a short, strapless dress that is solid black from her cleavage to her hips and then the skirt part from there is black with very straight and geometric nude colored lines. I have a solid black suit and a solid gray suit. I’m wondering which suit to wear and what color tie and shirt to wear. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Tyler,

      A good rule of thumb when deciding between black and grey is to dress for the end of the party. For evening functions, black is your better option. For functions that end in the daytime, grey is your better bet.

      If you want to color match your date, just use any color details in her dress to pick the color of vest and/or tie. You’ll already have the black part covered. As for your shirt, I’d just stick with standard white. It’s standard because it’s the best. Black or colorful shirts never work as well in reality as they might seem to in theory.

      Your other option is wearing a black tie or vest/tie combo instead of color matching your date. You won’t match quite as well, but you two will still look great together, and you’ll look more formal that way. Think about the Oscars. All the couples look great, but nobody color matches.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for asking!

  • Martin

    Hello, my prom date’s gonna be wearing a dark blue dress. What will be a great colot for my tux, tie and shirt? Thank you very much!

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Martin,

      If your date is wearing a dark blue dress, you’re in good shape. I’d recommend the Midnight Blue ‘Maxwell’ Tuxedo:

      I’d probably wear it as pictured to keep things cool and classy, with a white turndown collar shirt and a black bow tie. If you want to be awesome, go with a bow tie you have to tie yourself. Because then you can untie it and drape it over your shoulders later on in the evening. Which is also really cool.

      If the midnight blue tuxedo and dark blue dress don’t match exactly, that’s alright. Blues generally go well with other blues. I wouldn’t say the same for red, but a dark blue dress will look great with a midnight blue tuxedo.

      I hope this helps! Have fun at prom!

  • Emily

    Hello, and great article! I have two questions.
    1: If I want my date to wear a white dinner jacket and black pants, should he also wear a cummerbun or nothing underneath?
    2: Should I go with my date to get his tux?
    Thanks in advance

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Emily,

      Thanks for the questions!

      1.) If he’s wearing a white dinner jacket with black pants, I’d definitely pair that with a black bow tie and black cummerbund. The look is a classic one known as ‘Tropical Black Tie’ and it’s timeless. The cummerbund is important because it covers up the awkward bunching where the shirt is tucked into the trousers. Also, it prevents the shirt from showing underneath the coat button when buttoned. To read more about cummerbunds and their usefulness than you’ll probably ever want to know, check out these two articles:

      2.) As for whether or not you should go with your date to pick up his tuxedo, that’s up to you. You might ask your date how he feels about it. As far as formal tradition goes, many people prefer to wait until prom night to actually see each other dressed up. But as far as I can tell, that’s strictly a preference, not a rule.

      I hope this helps! Have a great time at prom!

  • Mandy

    Hello so for prom I’m wearing a yellow dress! (The name is called canary bird yellow) my date was wondering if he should wear a black tux or a gray. I thought gray because black looks too much like a bee and if he wears gray what color shirt and tie should he wear?

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Mandy,

      I think you’re right where black, yellow, and bees are concerned. I’ve seen it done well before, but you do run the risk of looking like a bee. I also agree that grey is a much better option. The next thing to decide is precisely which shade of grey to go with. To create a contrast with the bright yellow, I’d recommend a steel grey, which is dark but not too dark. You can see some steel grey options Here:

      When it comes to shirts, I always recommend keeping it simple with a white shirt. The tie (and/or vest if he gets one) can be the element that matches the dress. You can see our yellow accessories Here:

      I hope this helps! Have a great time at prom!

  • racheal

    hello im going to wear a light purple dress, its more of a lavender, pastel color, and my boyfriend is considering to wear a white tux with a light purple vest… will this work out ?I need some opinions, thanks.

  • Caitlin

    Hi! I’m wearing a pure white dress and my date is planning on wearing a gold vest and bow tie to match the beaded belt on it. We both really liked the idea of him wearing a white tux jacket, but we can’t decide on the pants. Would you recommend a white jacket with black pants, or a white jacket with white pants? Any help or other suggestions would be awesome! We are also both natural redheads with lighter complexions if that helps! Thanks(:

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Caitlin,

      It sounds like you’ve narrowed your options down to two really nice styles. But to answer your question, I think black trousers with a white shawl collar dinner jacket is an unbeatable look. Pair that with a gold vest and bow tie to match the details of your dress, and you’ve got a winner. If you were both wearing all white at night with pale complexions, in might be a bit too much. Especially in men’s formal wear, some contrast is usually preferable. Take a look at this style and imagine it with a gold bow tie:

      The only difference is that he’s wearing a cummerbund and bow tie, instead of a vest. If you’re interested in going with a cummerbund instead (which I think would be pretty awesome), you’ve got some options Here:

      I hope this helps! Have a great time at prom!

  • Leigh Anne

    Hello! So my date is very nice and wants to be the perfect date, which I’m sure he will be either way, but he wants me to pick what shirt/tie/shape… and I have no idea what to do! My dress is attached to this post. It’s black and gold/champagne/pewter? He just bought a black tux. They’re asking me if he should have a regular or winged collar, bow tie w/ cummerbund or long tie with vest, and what color they should be. Should I just tell him to go for black tux/bow tie and white shirt to make it easy? Or black tux and try to somehow match the long tie/vest with the odd/in between color of the gold-ish on my dress? Ah, help!

    • Leigh Anne

      Here’s the dress.

      • MArmstrong

        Hey Leigh Anne,

        Thanks for asking! First off, nice dress. You two will look great together. There are a lot of things you could do with this, but to keep it simple, I’ll narrow it down to two options.

        The first and probably the best option is just what you said. When talking about men’s formal wear, you can never go wrong with keeping it simple. Pair his black tuxedo with a white turn-down collar shirt, black bow tie (self tie for extra points), and a black cummerbund. You could also do a black vest, but a cummerbund will look more streamlined.

        The second option is to pick something that corresponds with the metallic color of the dress. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same color. It just needs to also look metallic, be in the neighborhood, and not be more attention grabbing than your dress. Check out these options below:

        Again, I’d pair these with a turn-down collar shirt, and you can sub any of these cummerbunds for a matching vest if you prefer vests.

        Hopefully that gives you some direction. Again, when in doubt, keep it simple. Thanks again for the question. Have a great time at prom!

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Devin,

      Thanks for asking! Black shirts work best when you’re going for an all black look. It’s a pretty tricky formal look to pull off well, but when it works, it works. Aside from that, I’d stay away from a black shirt. The problem is that it emphasizes the wrong elements of the tuxedo, and misses the correct emphasis. A white shirt paired with a black tuxedo is important, because it forms a white ‘V’ when the coat is buttoned. That white contrasting V promotes the idea of broad shoulders and a narrower waist. Basically, that’s what makes it such a masculine and timeless style. With a black shirt and light colored accessories, the contrasting ‘V’ is lost, and the accessories end up looking like they’re floating in a sea of black, with a head on top. Sartorially speaking, it’s not nearly as strong a look.

      So, my take is to stick with a white shirt. It won’t contrast much with the accessories, but that’s not really the shirt’s job. The accessories will match your dress, the white shirt will work with his tuxedo, and everyone wins.

      Whatever you decide, make sure you have a great time at prom!

  • Devin

    Hello, I am wearing a nude dress to prom. It has pearl and silver beading at the top, and a nude flowy skirt. I am not really sure if my date should wear a black shirt and a nude vest with a nude tie, or a white shirt with a nude best and a nude tie.

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Devin,

      Thanks for asking! Black shirts work best when you’re going for an all black look. It’s a pretty tricky formal look to pull off well, but when it works, it works. Aside from that, I’d stay away from a black shirt. The problem is that it emphasizes the wrong elements of the tuxedo, and misses the correct emphasis. A white shirt paired with a black tuxedo is important, because it forms a white ‘V’ when the coat is buttoned. That white contrasting V promotes the idea of broad shoulders and a narrower waist. Basically, that’s what makes it such a masculine and timeless style. With a black shirt and light colored accessories, the contrasting ‘V’ is lost, and the accessories end up looking like they’re floating in a sea of black, with a head on top. Sartorially speaking, it’s not nearly as strong a look.

      So, my take is to stick with a white shirt. It won’t contrast much with the accessories, but that’s not really the shirt’s job. The accessories will match your dress, the white shirt will work with his tuxedo, and everyone wins.

      Whatever you decide, make sure you have a great time at prom!

  • J.Tran

    Hi! So my prom’s theme will be Hollywood. This will be my dress but in burgundy and I would like it if my boyfriend and I were matching. I’m trying to keep in mind of his skin color (picture below), color combinations and overall look, but i’m having a hard time because of limited resources. I like a suit look and we can do without the coat. I like the more causal look,rolled up sleeves with a vest and tie for a boy. Any suggestions? help! please and thank you.

  • deja

    I am wearing a all white dress what should my boyfriend wear

  • Sim

    Hey! My dress is turquoise blue in color with a silver studded band on the waist. What should my date be wearing so that he matches me well?

    • MArmstrong

      Hey Sim,

      Thanks for the question! As far as matching accessories go, you have some options. Naturally, if you’re able to find similar turquoise accessories in a swatch book at your local formal wear store, that’s probably the best route. You can
      find some local stores near you with our store locator Here:

      Here are some good examples of some turquoise accessories that may work well:

      I’d recommend he wear a bow tie rather than a long tie for a little extra class.

      As far as the color of his tuxedo goes, he can always wear classic black for a great look. But another option that would look nice with turquoise is a steel grey tuxedo. Brightly colored accessories work well with black tuxedos, but I think they blend better with grey. Here are a couple of option in both:


      Steel Grey

      I hope this helps! Whatever you decide, be sure to have a great time at prom!

  • James

    I’m Rolling semi stag, im going with some friends but no matchy match. its Gatsby themed and I want to have fun, please help me out!

    • MArmstrong

      Hey James,

      I dare say you sound like the kind of guy that is bound to have fun at prom regardless of what you wear, but I’m more than happy to help you out! If you watch the movie “The Great Gatsby” with DiCaprio, they wear a lot of 3 button notch tuxedos and high cut vests. Basically, their tuxedos look a lot like suits with bow ties. You can see my write up on the movie Here.

      They looked awesome in the movie and struck a nice balance between classic and modern. BUT, that’s not actually what they wore in the 20′s. And the killing thing is, had they been more accurate, it actually would’ve looked more modern, since those styles are timeless.

      So, here’s my suggestion. Go with something classic, masculine and fun. The white ‘Waverly’ tuxedo, as pictured, is about as close and you can get. The white dinner jacket look was very popular back then, a few people wear them in the movie too, and it’s a slim fit tuxedo for a very contemporary look. Pair it with a self tie bow tie and you have the added benefit of being able to untie it later on and drape it over your shoulders, to be officially the coolest guy there.

      You can see the coat Here:

      I hope this helps! Whatever you do and whatever you wear, have a great time doing so!

  • Amanda

    My dress goes from a midnight blue to a navy blue and back to a midnight blue with some light beading. My boyfriend wants to wear a dark blue shirt with a light blue tight but I just can’t seem to convince him that this option is a very bad idea. I don’t know if he should go black tie or find a matching tie. And if he finds a matching tie, which blue?!?!?!

  • prommmm

    Hi!! My dress is a kind of obscure color…its like a dark turquoise and called azure. My date and I were thinking of doing a royal blue vest what do you think?

  • Jalen

    Okay So My Prom Date Is Wearing A Dress That Has A Blush Pink Look, I Want To Wear A 2-Tone Tux (Pants And Jacket Different Colors) What Color Should I Wear To Accent Her? (I Plan On My Vest And Tie To Be The Color Of Her Dress.)

  • The Dude

    Hey Michael,

    I wanted to get a midnight navy bond style suit for my prom. My date is wearing a lilac dress- how would I go about matching an accessory with her dress? Would I have a lilac pocket square, or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

  • Ayr18

    Hello I was wondering if it would be okay to go with a well fitted slim suit. with a vest and a regular tie but get a fancy tie. My date is wearing Red and she said she is having some gold acessories. Also I could get a tux but my pants are regular suit pants is that fine or are there specific Tux Pants?

  • Shannon

    My dress is almost all black with beading on top this year for prom.
    I don’t know what color my date’s tux should be and what color we should get for corsages.
    Any advice/help would be SO much appreciated!
    Here’s my dress:
    Thank you so much!

    • Shannon

      Tony bowls dress style # TBE11419


    what color suit is best for a dress that is coral (dark)?

  • paris

    ok so i wanna go with a violet or black and gold idea on a slim suit for prom the problem is that i cant figure out where to make my suit at the haves a gold or violet color

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