21 Pictures of George Clooney in a Tuxedo

George Clooney in a Tuxedo

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Step #1:  Look at Pictures of George Clooney

While strolling through the world wide web looking for any and all things formal with which to inform, educate, and entertain you, we found this perfectly direct and simple post on getkempt.com.  The post is entitled:

21 Pictures of George Clooney in a Tuxedo

True to its word, the post contains exactly that; 21 fairly recent pictures of George Clooney wearing a tuxedo.

With awards season in full swing again, many sartorially inclined ladies and gents will once again get to take notes and admire one of the most charismatic figures working today.

Check out the article to see a full offering of the Clooney-esque class and charisma that we all get to look forward to this awards season.

Step #2:  Pull it Together

Now that you’ve taken in George Clooney’s particular brand of formal inspiration, take a look through our catalog and pull something together for yourself!

Remember, awards season isn’t the only season of formal interest this time of year.  Prom season is just now gaining momentum, and wedding season is charging up just behind it, so celebrities aren’t the only ones who get to dress up and have fun!

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