Cannes Film Festival 2012: Black Tie Review

"Cosmopolis" Premiere - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

“Cosmopolis” Premiere – 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

While surfing around the internet, doing our part to make sure that the public at large is kept entertained and educated by the world-wide goings-on of mens formal wear, we came across an interesting article by our friend and sartorial scholar, Peter Marshall (aka The Black Tie Guy.)  He is the founder of the Black Tie Guide and more recently the Black Tie Blog.

In his recent blog post, he has offered a summation of the sartorial climate at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and compiled a comprehensive offering of photographs to illustrate his findings.

The styles seen at Cannes are of cultural significance because they are among the first indicators of which stylistic schools of thought will be the most prevalent during the upcoming awards season.  That is important because awards season, where we get to see how all of our favorite celebrities and icons dress up, largely defines what formal styles are in vogue and which are out.

Check out the article below and see how The Black Tie Guy is once again spot on:

2012 Cannes Red Carpet

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