Get Kempt: 5 Tuxedo Tips for the Oscars!

Whether you’re among the few actually attending the 2013 Academy Awards, plan on throwing a killer black tie Oscar party, or just like analyzing what your favorite (and least favorite) celebrities are wearing and how they’re wearing it, attention to detail is paramount… as in important, not like like the film studio.

To help, has published a helpful formal guide with a few tips and reminders of what to look for, and which details really add up.  Check out the article below and find out what separates your average “monkey suit’ from the “Best Dressed.”

In the article, they cover 5 important elements of any well put together tuxedo, and provide a little food for thought on each:

  • The Lapels
  • The Tie
  • The Grosgrain
  • The Third Piece
  • The Accoutrements

Check out the Article: The Five Things to Consider About Your Tuxedo

Mad Men in Classin Black Tie

5 Things to Consider about Your Tuxedo

While there are a lot of “most important” things to remember when it comes to dressing formally, we feel that the lesson of less is more is certainly among them.  Dress to be streamlined.  Go for a classic look, and be sure that every detail of your ensemble work well with your body type and serves a purpose.  Timeless is timeless for a reason.

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