Noteworthy Tuxedos: Daft Punk at the 2014 Grammys!

Tuxedos are what we do.  Dressing formally is what we’re all about.  And so we’re always excited to see proof that formal trends are growing.  At the 2013 Grammy’s, we were thrilled to see Justin Timberlake bring down the house with his formal-forward hit Suit & Tie.  So what could happen this year that could possibly follow that act?  Grammy-Winning Black Tie Robots, that’s what.

Daft Punk in Black Tie at the 2014 Grammy's!

Daft Punk’s Black Tie Red Carpet Arrival at the 2014 Grammy’s!

Daft Punk is a group known for pioneering electronic dance music.  They’ve been together since the early 1990’s, and for the past 20 years have helped pave the digital music highway for countless other artists  At the Grammy’s they received no less than 3 Grammy Awards for their new album, Random Access Memories, which is the group’s first album in eight years.

For those unfamiliar with Daft Punk and their trademark eccentricity, the big question is, “What’s with the helmets?” or “Are they actually robots?”

Well, they are not actually robots, but their robot personae is part of the group’s schtick.  They are purposefully enigmatic.  They don’t speak or show their faces.  They just make music.  It allows much needed mystery to permeate their music.  That, and they’re pretty recognizable.  And when you look at it like that, they probably wore black tie tuxedos for similar reasons.

That’s the power of black tie.  It’s timeless.  That means it looked great in the past.  It looks great now.  And as Daft Punk has figured out, it looks pretty great in a futuristic way too.

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