Realistically Colorized Tuxedos from the Past: Humphrey Bogart

Realistically Colorized Tuxedos from the Past: Humphrey Bogart
Classic formal wear is timeless. Traditions like Black Tie date back over 125 years ago. White Tie attire dates back significantly farther. And both of these traditions are still present if not prevalent and largely unchanged in today’s culture. But when we look back at examples of these timeless styles in the past, the black and white pictures themselves seem distant from us.  We aim to help with that barrier.



In our second installment, we’ve colorized Humphrey Bogart in arguably his biggest role, Rick Blaine from ‘Casablanca.’  Here we see Bogart wearing a white dinner jacket, aka tropical black tie.  While Bogart looks smashing, Rick Blaine has had better days.  And pretty soon Sam will play it again for him.  Though this movie was released in 1942, the style he’s wearing is still current exactly as depicted.  That’s truly timeless formal wear.

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