The Best Dressed Men of the 2014 Golden Globes!

The Best Dressed Men of the 2014 Golden Globes!The 2014 Golden Globes Award Show highlighted a wide array of formal interpretations, and mostly very promising promising trends.

Most of the men in attendance kept the evening nice and classy, opting for bow ties over long ties, though long ties were also very well represented.  We’re not crazy about long ties paired with tuxedos for a black tie evening, but we also understand that this, for many a celebrity, is a way of differentiating the formality of various awards ceremonies.  Because the Golden Globes kick off the awards season, it isn’t the most formal.  By the time the Oscar’s roll around, bow ties should be predominant.

The most exciting formal trend I noticed was the fact that all the men seemed to really enjoy getting dressed up.  Some men went with a very classic black tie interpretation, but nailed the details.  Other men got creative, but in a way that preserved the guiding principles of black tie.  For an event that is undeniably formal, but not the most formal of the season, the emerging trends were excellent and very pro-formal.

Below are some of our favorite formal interpretations. Notice how widely they vary, and notice how each ensemble uniquely highlights the individual’s build and features.

The Fun-with-Black-Tie Awards:

This crowd took the crowning principles of Black Tie and had fun with them, using interesting materials, colors, and accessories.

Kevin Spacey in a Velvet Tuxedo with Long Tie

Kevin Spacey gets points for wearing a black velvet tuxedo, which isn’t the easiest thing to pull off.  But he loses points for pairing it with a long tie instead of a bow tie.  The watch and the tie bar are both nice touches though.

Matthew McConaughey in a green velvet dinner jacket.

Matthew McConaughey also sported velvet, but he took it a step further with a green dinner jacket and matching green vest. Paired with a black bow tie and black trousers makes him one of the evening’s formal highlights.

Usher in a burgundy tuxedo with black shirt, bow tie, and brooch.

Usher cut away from the fold in his burgundy tuxedo.  He gets points from us for sporting a brooch, but loses a few for going with a black shirt instead of a contrasting white.  Still, he pulled off the look like a champ.

Mike Tyson in a black tie brocade dinner jacket

Speaking of champs, Mike Tyson surprised us all in his very well fit and super-suave brocade dinner jacket! He got everything right, from the the single button front to the tasteful pocket square. Well done, sir.


The Twins Award:

These two must have called each other before hand and coordinated their outfits.  Even down to the wide bow ties and lack of waist covering.

Jim Parsons in a link-front shawl collar tuxedo.

Jim Parsons decided to shake up his black tie game by wearing a link-front tuxedo with a slim shawl collar and wide bow tie. The effect worked very well for his slim stature.  And whatyaknow, he wasn’t alone.  Sheldon would be ecstatic.

Orlando Bloom in a link-front shawl collar tuxedo

We understand that at a black tie function many guys are going to be wearing very similar ensembles, but we still prefer to think that Orlando Bloom and Jim Parsons called each other the night before and worked out their outfits.


The Could-Be-Brothers Award:

And why am I just now noticing this?

Michael Fassbender in a black tie tuxedo with sunglasses.

Michael Fassbender looked smashing at the Golden Globes, sporting a 1-button peak tuxedo, smart pocket square, black studs, and silk cuffs. But with his beard and shades, we noticed something else we’d never noticed before…

Joaquin Phoenix forgot to wear a tuxedo to the Golden Globes

Joaquin Phoenix made this list not because he was among the best dressed. In fact, he forgot to wear a tuxedo at all. But we thought it worth mentioning that while bearded, he and Fassbender could easily play brothers. Never noticed before.


The Best-Dressed Awards:

 And now for our list of the classiest and best dressed men of the evening.

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a two-button notch tuxedo at the Golden Globes
#5 Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio pulls together this modern Black Tie interpretation nicely. Though it has notch lapels and a two button front, the overall effect retains the elegant simplicity that Black Tie standards are meant to preserve.


Sean Combs in a one-button peak tuxedo with large bow tie at the Golden Globes!
#4 Sean Combs

Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, is a well known black tie heavy-weight during awards season.  His one-button peak lapel tuxedo is expertly fit, and his attention to detail is apparent, down to his large bow tie and large pocket square that compliment his large personality.


Jared Leto wearing Black Tie with a satin formal scarf at the Golden Globes!
#3 Jared Leto

Jared Leto really stepped up his formal game this year at the Golden Globes.  Nearly indiscernible as the grungy character he played in Dallas Buyer’s Club, he pulled off Black Tie beautifully with an expertly fit tuxedo, adorned with a deeply-dapper formal scarf.  We only wish he were wearing a waist covering.

Bradley Cooper Wearing a Well Fitted Black Tie Tuxedo at the Golden Globes!
#2 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper was neck and neck with our top pick of the evening.  When it comes to good Black tie, it’s less about finding lavish ways to stand out, and more about nailing the basic details.  Cooper does just that with his perfectly fit one button peak lapel tuxedo, fly front shirt, and perfectly sized bow tie.







And The Best Dressed Award Goes To…

Chris Pine

Chris Pine: Our Pick for Best Dressed Man at the 2014 Golden Globes!

Our choice for The Best Dressed Man from the 2014 Golden Globes goes to Chris Pine, for his expert and consistent execution of proper black tie.  Every awards season since he hit the scene, he’s hit a home run, and the Golden Globes was no exception.  Much like Cooper, he nailed the details.  Perfect fit?  Check.  Single button front?  Check?  Satin Peak Lapel with long lapel stance?  Check.  Waist Covering?  Check.  Fly front shirt?  Check.  Besom pockets?  Check.  The perfect amount of shirt cuff?  Check.  Perfect pant break?  Check.  But there’s one thing that Chris Pine had that Bradley Cooper didn’t, and ultimately that swayed the vote in his favor.  And that thing is…

… A truly resplendent beard.  Way to be a manly man among men.

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What did you think of the Golden Globes?  Did the men step up, or step out? Tell us below in the comments!