The Best Tuxedos of the SAG Awards 2013!

The Best Tuxedos of the SAG Awards 2013!
Every year, favored celebrities from all venues gussy up for the red carpet at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards Ceremony.  While generally viewed as less formal than the Oscars, the SAG Awards usually are a good indication of which films and actors stand a good chance of winning at the Oscars.  Also interesting is what the celebrities choose to wear.  During the 2013 SAG Awards Ceremony, we noticed some very interesting formal trends.  Some good.  Some bad.  But overall, we’re pretty happy with what we’re seeing.

To be clear, the SAG Awards always have an eclectic offering of formal styles.  Some men wear classic Black Tie attire, while others wear trendy suits and fashion accessories.  But below are some of our favorite actors wearing some of the best tuxedos of the evening.  And if you will notice, all of the best dressed men had something in common.


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper in a Midnight Blue Tuxedo for the 2013 SAG Awards
Cooper really shined this year, wearing a midnight blue one-button tuxedo with black shawl lapels.  Call us crazy, but I think we’ve seen that look before, and anticipated that this could be a real growing trend.  While Mr. Cooper is the only one in this particular line-up wearing midnight blue, the color was extremely popular this year.

To get this look, check out our Midnight Blue ‘Maxwell’ Tuxedo by G. Alexander!

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm in a Black Shawl Tuxedo with Long Tie for the 2013 SAG Awards
Jon Hamm pulled off a spectacular look this year as well.  He opted for a classic black one-button shawl tuxedo that was very well fitted.  Much to our chagrin, his killer tuxedo was made to look very much like a suit by his choice of long tie over bow tie.

Normally I would be against this.  And if he was anyone other than Don Draper, I’d probably be against it here too.  But Draper he is, and he looks smashing.

Brian Cranston

Brian Craston in a Black Shawl Tuxedo with Long Tie for the 2013 SAG Awards
Ok.  So if you’re anyone other that Don Draper OR Heisenberg, I would stay away from the long tie for a Black Tie occasion.  While I still maintain that both Hamm and Cranston would look better in bow ties, these two men still managed to pull off a great look in a long tie.

If you’ll notice here, Mr. Cranston has also opted for a classic black one-button shawl tuxedo.  It does however vary somewhat from Hamm’s ensemble.

John Hamm has very broad shoulders and a triangle frame, so his lapel was wider to accentuate that.  But Cranston has more of a trim frame, and so his lapels and his tie are both thin also.  All put together his tuxedo looks very minimalistic, streamlined, and classy.







Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser in a Black Shawl Tuxedo for the 2013 SAG Awards.


Much like his character on Mad Men, Kartheiser does his best to one-up Mr. Draper.  The difference is that he actually managed it this time!  Donning yet another classic black one-button shawl tuxedo, Mr. Kartheiser looks incredibly dashing.  His fit is perfect.  The low stance of the coat and thin lapels accentuate his slender frame.  And not at all least is the fact that he tops it all off with a perfectly sized bow tie.

While his role-required 60’s era sideburns might be off-putting to some, the timelessness of his tuxedo of choice more than makes up for it.  It’s safe to say that, when it comes to dressing up, Vincent Kartheiser has come a long way.







Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis in a Black Shawl Tuxedo for the 2013 SAG Awards.


Daniel Day Lewis, known by many as “God’s gift to acting” and most recently for his role as our 16th president, wears a tuxedo that does not fall short of the term “Presidential.”  If you’ll notice his choice, you may by now be sensing a pattern.

Yet again we see a shining example of a classic black one-button shawl tuxedo.  The long stance of the coat compliments his very tall frame as well as his long facial features.  His clearly self-tied bow tie holds all of the charm and class of a president who insists on tying the blasted thing himself.  And his watch worn on the right hand instead of the left subtly implies he’s both classy and just eccentric enough to be very very talented.  Well played, Mr. Lewis.






Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman in a Black Shawl Tuxedo for the 2013 SAG Awards.


And our Best Dressed of the evening goes to…

Hugh Jackman wears this tuxedo exactly like a tuxedo was always meant to be worn.  It looks effortless, clean, stark, and masculine.  And while it may look effortless, every detail of the ensemble has been given attention:  The low stance 1 button shawl collar.  The way the jacket hugs the ribs just tightly enough.  The black studs.  The width of the lapel and bow tie working well with each other and complimenting his frame.  The perfect amount of shirt showing past the cuff.  It all works together to highlight him at his very best.

So we’d like to take a moment to thank him for illustrating so well that classic is timeless for a reason.

Thank you, Mr. Wolverine.







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