Tuxedo Review: The Situation Black ‘Avalon’ Tuxedo – New For Spring 2012 –

When FLOW Formalwear announced that Mike Sorrentino (aka “The Situation”) from reality TV series ‘The Jersey Shore’ was going to be the celebrity face for their new line of tuxedos, we were admittedly… concerned?  Confused?  We didn’t really get why anyone would choose for a tuxedo line spokesperson a guy best know for losing his shirt.  And predictably, after FLOW announced their press release, the move created a ton of buzz and controversy across a vast expansion of venues.  Everyone, including us, had an opinion about Mike Sorrentino and his latest gig.  But what we didn’t hear much about was the actual merchandise being promoted.

For us at MyTuxedoCatalog/Paul Morrell Formalwear, our minds were made up about the whole ordeal when we finally got our hands on some samples of the actual “Situation” line of tuxedos being promoted.  What we saw was anything but controversial.  True to form, FLOW Formalwear has once again produced a line of tuxedos that holds to exceptional quality standards and lends to versatile style tastes.  In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the two “Situation” tuxedos to be offered by Paul Morrell.  Enter The Situation Black ‘Avalon’ Tuxedo.

The Situation Black ‘Avalon’ Tuxedo

The Situation Black 'Avalon' Tuxedo by FLOW Formalwear

The Situation Black 'Avalon' Tuxedo by FLOW Formalwear.

The Specs

Upon inspection, we found the Black ‘Avalon’ Tuxedo to be trendy for sure, but with an unexpected air of class and tradition.  The features are as follows:

  1. Single-breasted
  2. Two-button front
  3. Self peak lapel with 1/2″ satin frame
  4. Self top collar with 1/2″ satin frame
  5. Vertical front satin inserts
  6. No Pockets
  7. Side vents
  8. Standard length
  9. Tropical worsted wool

Far and away, the defining trait of the ‘Avalon’ tuxedo is the satin inserts that run down each side of the front.  These satin inserts are subtly contoured inward, essentially framing up the lapel.   They work together with the lapel’s satin framing (which are the same width) to create the illusion of wider shoulders and a thinner waist line, while also capitalizing on the undeniable slimming power of vertical lines.  Altogether, the use of satin in the coat helps promote a very masculine physique, which is an important role of any tuxedo that adheres to the principles of formal tradition.

Where to Wear

The black ‘Avalon’ may not be the best tuxedo to wear whilst entertaining the Queen of England, but then again, how often do you really need to entertain the Queen?  What we have here is a tuxedo that is stylish and trendy when you look at it’s various features, but still very formal and classy when you look at the whole.  The combination is a tuxedo that is versatile enough for almost any occasion not involving royalty.  The ‘Avalon’ is fun and contemporary enough to make a splash at prom, classy and elegant enough to commemorate your wedding, and outside-of-the-box enough to style your way through your next formal party.  We call that a win.

Another Look

The good folks at FLOW Formalwear dropped by sometime after the press release was announced and let us see some of the tuxedos first hand.  While we didn’t know at that point we would be reviewing them later, we did manage to get a couple of shots of the black ‘Avalon’ that may help you round out your perception of this style’s potential.  Though we don’t have all the photography to prove it, we can assure you that this style looks great in both a vest & long tie (pictured) AND a bow tie & cummerbund.

Our own shot of the Black 'Avalon' Tuxedo

Our own shot of the Black 'Avalon' Tuxedo

Close-up of the satin framing and facing

Close-up of the satin framing and facing

In Conclusion

While its fashion elements may exclude this tuxedo from some events with very strict attire requirements, we feel that those same features open this tuxedo up, in a substantial way, to a much wider market.  The unique use of satin on the coat sets this ensemble apart, while retaining an air of timeless formality, making the Black ‘Avalon’  a perfect prom tuxedo, wedding tuxedo, and formal ensemble for seasonal parties!

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Come back soon for our review on the 2nd ‘Situation’ line tuxedo available through Paul Morrell, the Situation Black ‘Asbury’ Tuxedo.