Tuxedos of the 2013 Golden Globes!

Golden Globes LogoThe 2013 Golden Globes Award Show was held this last Saturday, and with it, we saw a very promising trend.

Most of the men in attendance kept the evening nice and classy, opting for bow ties over long ties.  This trend has been building for a few years now, and Saturday night proved something that we’re all a little excited about.  Formal is back.

While no awards ceremony is going to have everyone wearing classic tuxedos with bow ties, it’s easy to say that a more classic interpretation of Black Tie comprised an overwhelming majority of the attendants, and almost all of the “Best Dressed” candidates.

While fashion is still evolving, the difference that we saw last night is that we’re now looking back to the classics before looking forward to our modern take on it.  Most of the essentials were there.  Long lapel lines.  Black or Midnight Blue tuxedo with satin or grosgrain facings on the lapels.  For the most part, the looks were kept simple, clean, and classy.

From that point, we also noticed several newer trends that give a more modern feel to an otherwise classic tuxedo, without taking away from it’s overall class.  Among these were a more trim fit that hugs the ribs and the legs, notch lapel jackets with two buttons on the front were also well represented.  In general, the features of the more modern coats were made even more minimal than the classic by narrowing the lapels and shortening the coat length a bit.  Because shirts are more fitted around the waist, there is less billowing there, leading many trim celebrities to opt out of a waist covering.  We’re not crazy about that last bit, but if it works for them, we wish them the best.

Below are some of our favorite formal interpretations.  Notice how widely they vary, and notice how each ensemble uniquely highlights the individual’s build and features.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio in Modern Black Tie
Dicaprio pulls together this modern Black Tie interpretation nicely.  Though it has notch lapels and a two button front, the overall effect retains the elegant simplicity that Black Tie standards are meant to preserve.  We wish he were wearing a waist covering though.

Aziz Ansari

Ansari’s attention to detail leaves him with one of the best ensembles of the evening.  A classic black tuxedo with satin peak lapels, long lapel stance, single button front, and black studs (just to show that you care) with a more modern slim fit and flap pockets make this get up both classic and youthful.  Well played, Mr. Ansari.

Max Greenfield

Greenfield goes full on classic, with a 1 button shawl tuxedo coat.  Every detail of this ensemble from the wider lapels, besom pockets, and coat length to the cummerbund and bow tie harken to the timeless class of true Black Tie.  With his strong chin and slicked back hair, going classic works especially well for him, in kind of a Rat Pack sort of way.
















 Daniel Craig


Sticking with the winning theme from 007’s latest movie, Daniel Craig wore a midnight blue tuxedo with black satin lapels.   This time, however, they’re peak lapels instead of the shawl lapels that he wore in Skyfall.   Paired with a black bowtie, this is a killer formal look.


















Eddie Redmayne


Eddie recently starred in one of the Golden Globes big winners, ‘Le Miserables.’   Eddie is wearing a black velvet shawl collar tuxedo that fits him perfectly.






















Eric Stonestreet


Eric looks great in his 2 button peak tuxedo!   While possibly a little snug, it looks much better than if it were hanging off him.  If his pants were a little less wrinkly and hemmed a little shorter, he’d be perfect!

Jeremy Renner



Sporting a classic look with modern features, Jeremy Renner’s tuxedo with skinny shawl lapels looks great!  We also like his conservative pocket square and appropriately sized bow tie.

 John Hamm



Our list wouldn’t be complete without John Hamm in it!  John always looks great, whether he’s in his 60’s suits or modern black tie.   Wearing a Clooneyesqe 2 button notch tuxedo with flap pockets, John looks his formal best.

Hugh Jackman



Another winner from Le Miserables, Hugh Jackman is wearing a 1 button peak lapel tuxedo.  Very conservative, and always in style!

 Robert Downey Jr.



Just for fun we threw in Robert Downey Jr, who is wearing his take on fun but formal.   I’m not sure how many people would pair corduroy with a tuxedo, but somehow RDJ pulls it off.













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What did ya’ll think of the Golden Globes, did the men step up, or step out?  Tell us below in the comments!