Jean Yves

Tan 'Rapture' Suit

PM Style No. C981

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Not a black and white kinda guy? We've got you covered. The Tan 'Rapture' destination suit by Jean Yves is a beautiful and flexible semi-formal option. Featuring a 2 button single breasted front, self notch lapels, self besom pockets, and fashioned from a tan Dac/Wool blended material, this tan suit coat is perfect for your daytime or destination wedding and flexible enough for any other formal, semi-formal, or everyday occasion!

  • Type: Suit
  • Label: Jean Yves
  • Color: Tan
  • Product Fit: Modern
  • Coat Sizes: Boys 3-18. Mens: Shorts 34-48, Regulars 34-64, Longs 36-64, Extra Longs 38-52.
  • Solid or Stripe Fabric: Solid
  • Model: Single Breasted
  • Style: Standard Coat
  • Front Buttons: 2 Buttons
  • Lapel Style: Notch
  • Lapel Material: Self
  • Top Collar Fabric: Self
  • Coat Length: 31.5"
  • Vent Style: None
  • Pocket Style: Self Besom
  • Fabric: Super 100's Wool Blend
  • Manufacturer: Formalwear International
  • Manufacturer Number: 04886